Cherished Forever 

Dixie Memorial Pet Gardens has a number of different urn choices available for pet owners who would like a place to store their companion’s remains. Customers are welcome to view our selection of urns and containers in our office. You’re welcome to purchase an urn to keep your pet’s remains forever at home, or have an urn buried with your pet’s remains in our urn burial section.

Urns can be purchased individually or separate from any other cremation services. The urn can be personalized to remember your loved one specifically. We think you’ll appreciate having your pet’s remains with you forever at your side. When you see the urn, you’ll always remember the special times you had with your pet. 

Our Choices 

Dixie Memorial Pet Gardens has several types of urns available for purchase. Each urn has a different look and feel and can accommodate the ashes of pets of all sizes. Our available urns include:

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