The Scatter Garden

The perfect resting place for your pet’s cremated remains are among other pets in our Scatter Garden. You can find our Scatter Garden by crossing the Rainbow Bridge to a quiet island on the other side. We can cremate your pet and scatter the ashes in a respectable fashion in the Scatter Garden. 

If you’d like to have your pet cremated and have the remains scattered in our garden, you can make the arrangements through your veterinary office or by giving our office a call. The cost varies between $50 and $125 depending on the size of the pet. There is no pickup fee from veterinary clinics in Memphis and Shelby County. We will mail you a Certificate of Cremation after the communal cremation is complete. 

The Rainbow Bridge 

The bridge to our Scatter Garden is painted in the colors of the rainbow to symbolize the path between Heaven and Earth. When our pets are cremated, they go across this bridge to live in peace forever with other pets who are spending their after-lives in the Scatter Garden.

Find peace and tranquility in our Scatter Garden – the perfect resting place for your beloved pet. On the other side of the Rainbow Bridge is a land of meadows, hills, valleys, and lush green grass. Your pet would love running and playing on our island across the Rainbow Bridge. You can make this the spot where they will be found every day until the end of time. 
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