Our History

Dixie Memorial Pet Cemetery was established in 1992 by Barbara Wells after the death of Dixie, her beloved companion silky terrier of sixteen years. Since 1992, the cemetery has grown to be one of the largest and most beautiful pet cemeteries in the country. Dixie Memorial offers all services for pet aftercare with dignity and compassion. Formal burial and cremations are provided for pets in the same manner as any other family member.

Barbara is past President of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories. The organization is a non-profit group of pet cemeteries and crematories in the U.S. and abroad, establishing and upholding the highest standards of ethical operating practices in the pet aftercare industry.

Located just two miles west of Millington, Tennessee, Dixie Memorial Pet Gardens is located on twenty-three acres of land in Shelby County. Dixie Memorial Pet Gardens offers beautiful countryside burial grounds for the Memphis area and neighboring communities. There are special memorial gardens for service animals (police dogs, "seeing-eye" dogs, search and rescue dogs, and other therapy assistance animals), our smaller companions (birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc.), and a special garden for cats only. There is an Urn Burial Section and a Scatter Garden for cremated pets.

Our gardens are maintained as a memorial to our beloved companion animals and to provide a place of peaceful reflection for owners, handlers, families, and those who love animals. The grounds are professionally landscaped and maintained, with an arbor beside a pond for peaceful reflection and time alone. There are several ponds and fountains and numerous statuary.

Individuals may participate in our Beautification Fund in memory of a beloved companion animal. The planting of bulbs, trees, shrubs, or the installation of park benches or statuary can be specified.

Contact us for more information 901-873-4127 or dixiememorial@gmail.com

Our office at the cemetery is now open 7 days a week from 9-5.

Services Offered 

At Dixie Memorial, we offer a complete array of services to meet the needs of each family:

-Traditional burial with a variety of caskets and grave markers to choose from
-Preparation of your pet for viewing and visitation before burial or cremation
-Caskets, headstones and markers for home burial
-Individual cremation with urn burial
-Individual cremation with return of ashes

-A wide variety of cremation urns to choose from
-Complete engraving services to personalize each urn
-Communal cremation with scattering of the cremains on our grounds
-Transportation of your pet from your veterinary clinic, and return delivery of the urn
-Preneed arrangements can be made

We now have a BLOG 

Accredited Member of the
Better Business Bureau
since 1997.


Member of the
International Association of Pet
Cemeteries and Crematories
since 1989.

The Honor Garden

 Burial for Service Dogs is available in The Honor Garden

 Search and Rescue dogs, Seeing-Eye Dogs, Police Dogs and other Service Animals are buried in an area reserved for them. We plan to dedicate a page on our website in honor of their service, with their handlers contributing photos and their life stories.

 K9 Bulletproof Vest Fund

Dixie Memorial Pet Cemetery has established a fund to provide bulletproof vests for the K9's of Memphis, Shelby County, and surrounding areas to use when the situation calls for protection. These dogs are vital assets to our officers and to our community. These intelligent and devoted animals need to be better protected as they risk their lives to protect their human partners.
Donations may be made at any InSouth Bank location
or mailed to:

K-9 Bulletproof Vest Fund
c/o InSouth Bank
P.O. Box 425
Millington, TN 38053-0425



The Pet Loss Support Group

When the human-companion animal bond is broken by death or another type of loss, pet guardians face many difficult emotions. The sense of loss, loneliness, guilt, or depression may be overwhelming. The grieving process is a painful but necessary part of living and loving. Sometimes pet owners, or more frequently friends, relatives, or co-workers, discount the pain because the loved one was not human. Psychologists tell us the human response to loss is the same whether the loss is a person or a beloved companion animal.

Our society does not provide adequate support for the loss of our animal companions. Few people pay respect to the bereaved pet owner at home or at a pet funeral home. Other pet owners may attend a pet funeral or offer significant comfort if they are able, but those people may not be close at the time they are needed. Our purpose is to assist pet owners in validating their loss and to support them through the mourning period.

Pet Loss Support Group meetings
are held the first Monday of each month
from 6:45 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
at First Evangelical Church (in the Library)
735 Ridge Lake Blvd. in Memphis, TN
Call 873-4127 for further information


Barbara Wells, R.N., owner of Dixie Memorial Pet Gardens, established the Pet Loss Support Group in January 1990, and it has continued to meet since that time.

The Pet Loss Support Group is sponsored by the:





$35.00 plus tax


Books for Bereaved Pet Owners

Animals, Immortal Beings

Millions of church congregations and animal lovers around the world are now accepting the Bible teachings of some of the world's mostlearned Christian scholars that animals go to Heaven.

Just released, a brand new book, "Animals, Immortal Beings" by Mary Buddemeyer-Porter, author of the best-selling Christian animal immortality book "Will I See Fido in Heaven?"

"Animals, Immortal Beings" is a 165-page book, which includes sermons and commentary by noted theologians such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley, Pope John Paul, and others.

"Its message is most reassuring to all who want to know the truth that indeed animals do have eternal life" says Bill LaSalle, retired Canadian newspaper editor and broadcaster.

"The original Greek and Hebrew text is the basis of the research with years of study in providing accuracy through the Bible for the content of the book."

ROMANS 8:19-21 For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God, because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. (KJV).

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Will I See Fido in Heaven

"Will I See Fido in Heaven?", by Christian author Mary Buddemeyer-Porter, has been recommended by Christian ministers throughout the U.S. and abroad including the current Jack Van Impe Television ministry as being reputable and praiseworthy in revealing that non-human animals have eternal life according to the Bible.

This concise 124 page book covers many Scriptures from 29 Books of the Bible and includes quotes from the Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered, the Jewish Scripture, commentary from noted theologians and fourteen wonderful true-life animal stories.

 Years of research went into establishing the accuracy of "Will I See Fido in Heaven?" delving into the original Greek and Hebrew translations covering such topics as the innocence of animals, their obedience to God, their intelligence and sacrifice for mankind and the understanding of symbolism as it applies to man and animals. Understanding the eternal soul and spirit of man and beast and the importance of the Holy Spirit for man's salvation is explained in simple but profound terms.

"Will I See Fido in Heaven?" gives the reader unquestionable knowledge that all animals do go to heaven.

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