Reviews from Our Customers 

“We first became acquainted with Dixie Memorial in 2007 when we lost our wonderful pug, Rowdy. Recently, we needed them again when we had to help our sweet pug, Rosie, across the Rainbow Bridge. I talked to Barbara both times, and she was absolutely wonderful.
We initially visited ahead of time in 2007. I didn't know what to expect, but I had met Barbara at a nursing conference and was so moved by what she was doing. Plus, several friends and our vet recommended them and we were not disappointed. Everything was so respectfully and tastefully done. We chose a beautiful urn, and I got a small replica for my parents.
This time, I knew what to expect. That didn't make me any less composed, though. I spoke with Barbara by phone a couple days before when we knew it was inevitable. I was so emotional and kept apologizing. I told her we were repeat customers and she pulled Rowdy's record up right away, from ten years ago. Wow! I told her we would like private cremation again, and that I did not need a new urn, as we were going to mix Rowdy's and Rosie's ashes. Rosie's cremains were returned to us in a stunningly beautiful carved wooden "temporary urn" box. We were so impressed that we are still combining some of the ashes, but we are keeping the new urn for display. The urn was placed inside a lovely velvet bag.
It's always difficult losing a furbaby, but Barbara and her staff make it as painless as possible. Everything is handled with dignity and respect, just like you'd want for a beloved family member. Thank you so much for making a heartbreaking time a little easier to bear.”
 – Cindy Compton via Facebook

“Extremely kind, answered all questions directly and accurately. They knew I was hurting and while I blubbered on the phone they didn't rush me. Thank God there are people like this in the world. They are making the grieving process for me and my wife easier.”
– Brian Schmidt via Facebook 

“Everyone was so kind and respectful. I was especially thankful for the sweet man who waited on us before he did the scattering this afternoon (we got stuck in traffic on our way). He was so kind to my kids, who would have been devastated if we missed the scattering of our beloved Petey cat's ashes. He also gave each of my kids a beautiful poem about the rainbow bridge. Thanks so much!!!”
– Jessica Cornet Dezinski via Facebook

“Words can't express how satisfied I am with every aspect of the service. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my Fur Fur. You kept her so very safe while awaiting Burial. I was allowed the honor of carrying her casket to the grave. Thank you for the love you showed her, and the respect you showed me.”
– Eric Meyer via Facebook

“They are wonderful. The staff are very compassionate and treat you and your pet with respect, understanding and compassion. The grounds are beautiful. Barbara Wells, the owner is a lovely person who has worked very hard and built this into the wonderful place it is for pet owners. Thank you, Barbara, for taking such good care of Ranger and Minnie.”
– Kathy Drawdy via Facebook 
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