Classic Urns 

Dixie Memorial Pet Gardens has a huge selection of metal urns from Terrybear. These Terrybear urns can be engraved for an additional fee. Our metal urns are available for an $85 upgrade with private cremation(290.00). There is a slight delay when these urns are engraved. Call us to ask about our prices and availability. 

Our classic urns include:

Classic Paw Urns 

We also have a selection of classic paw urns with paws engraved right on the side of the urn. These choices include:
Arielle Heart Urns
Odyssey Urns
Silhouette Cats Urns
Kitty Cloisonné Urns
Going Home Urns
Earthstone Urns
Marble Urns
These are real stone urns in various styles and colors, including Black Zebra, Green Marble, Teakwood, Fossil, Grey, and Green Onyx. Not all marble urns are available in every style and color. Please check for availability. We used to carry the Red Zebra and Oriental Style, but these have been discontinued by the manufacturer. We do have a few Oriental Style urns in stock. 

Our marble urns are unique and highly variable because each piece of stone is different. We invite you to come to our facility and see our urns for yourself to choose the one that’s best for you. These urns are $85 with private cremation(290.00). They come in two sizes: small and large. The smaller urns will hold the cremains of a small to medium-sized pet. The large urns will hold a large or extra-large pet. 
Rectangular Marble Urns 
Choose from marble rectangular urns and faux marble urns. Our marble rectangular urns are available in Black Zebra, Green Marble, Teakwood Marble, Fossil, Green Onyx, and Grey Marble. This style urn comes in two sizes and can accommodate a brass nameplate. Faux marble urns are made in Estonia of a hard, man-made material. These urns are available in Blue Onyx, Jade Green Marble, Sterling Onyx, Wild Rose Onyx, Mocha Marble, Black Marble, and White-on-White Marble. These urns come in four sizes and can have a brass nameplate or they can be laser engraved directly for an additional fee. 
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