Burial Services

Traditional burial with visitation

Basic burial services include:

The burial lot, an airtight casket, opening and closing the grave, preparation for visitation/viewing, and a 6"x12" flat granite marker with up to 25 characters. The cost varies with the size of the casket. Visitation is included for those who wish to have time to spend with their beloved pet, and their family and friends. Deluxe caskets are available, as are smaller caskets for smaller pets. A separate Cat Section is available.

Prices for the Complete Burial Package are:

Small 24" casket: $600.00

Medium 32" casket: $650.00

Large 40" casket: $750.00

Extra-large 52" casket: $800.00

A Lifetime Maintenance Fee of $500.00 is required for each burial at Dixie Memorial Pet Gardens. This may be paid in full at the time of burial, or spread out over time if you prefer. With your authorization, we will charge your Checking Account, Debit or Credit Card $50.00 per month for ten (10) months. This will pay the Lifetime Maintenance Fee in full.

Burial services after normal business hours and on weekends are subject to an additional charge. The transportation fee from the veterinarian is not included.

Cremation with Urn Burial

Cremation with urn burial in the cremation garden is $500.00.

This includes the cremation, the urn burial in a 10" sealed PVC pet casket (similar to the one pictured above), and a 10"x10" granite marker with 25 characters.

There is no maintenance fee in this section.

If desired, preparation for viewing/visitation is $50.00

Burial of previously cremated pets is $250.00, and includes the granite marker.

Deluxe Caskets

Deluxe caskets are $75.00 extra

 Ultra (Available in S, M, and L)

Blue, Pink or Silver (Available in Small only)

Grave Markers & Headstones

Standard Grave Marker

The 6"x12" granite marker include in the burial packet can be either pink or gray, and comes with up to 25 characters of text. Several layout designs are available. Larger, more ornate markers and headstones are also available.

  Basic Headstone

There are many sizes, styles and options available for marker upgrades. 

You can choose from several fonts and layout designs; and include an image of your pet if you desire. 

Contact us for a Marker Packet and information. 

Phone 901-873-4127 or email us dixiememorial@gmail.com

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