Cremation Services

Individual/Separate Cremation with Temporary Urn

The individual/separate cremation fee is $290.00 with a temporary urn. 

This does not include the transportation fee. 

The transportation fee is $25.00 in Shelby County. 

The one fee includes both picking up your pet from the Veterinarian and delivering the urn back to the clinic.

This temporary urn is made by a pet casket company.
One size only (4"x4"x10")
It can be sealed with PVC cement and is best if you intend to bury the urn.
Carved wooden temporary urns
Small to extra large
Rainbow Bridge temporary urns
 Medium & large 
Wooden Paw Print
Wooden Paw Print
Small to large
Silver Steel Vase
Medium & large
Copper Steel Vase
Medium & large
 Metal temporary urn with antique copper finish.
"Until We Meet Again At The Rainbow Bridge" embossed on the top of the urn.
Small to large.
Imported wooden cat hinged box.
Small & medium
Cats Snuggling
A small hinged wooden box.

Individual/Separate Cremation with Basic Urn

Hand-made in America, Made of solid, furniture grade cherry. 

Available in small, medium, large and extra-large. 

Cherry Graphic is our standard urn.

 Cherry Graphic Urn
(has a place for a photo)

This is the urn included in the cremation with basic urn package.
The package price with this urn is $325.00. (Transportation fee not included)
It comes with an engraved brass nameplate. 

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